Friday 17th March

| BY Finn Blythe

Rykiel Forever: The New Capsule Collection For Sonia Rykiel

It’s difficult to overstate the impact Sonia Rykiel had on the world of fashion; this is a woman who tore up the script when she first opened her landmark Saint Germain boutique in 1968, and held the world’s attention ever since, with her collections that embodied fluid elegance. ‘Rykiel Forever’, the new thirteen-piece capsule collection re-created from the Sonia Rykiel archive, is testament to the timeless aesthetic originally envisioned by Rykiel all the way back in 1963, when she would revolutionise women’s knitwear forever. This collection, re-imagined by Rykiel’s Artistic Director Julie de Libran, pays homage to the knits and stripes that formed the backbone of the house throughout Sonia’s tenure, as well as the designer’s iconic 175 Boulevard Saint Germain store. Multi purpose is the name of the game, with each look accommodating the changing needs of a women’s daily life, my personal favourite being the reversible knit cape/coat, which can be worn either as a stripe or a solid. Speaking of Madame Rykiel, Julie de Libran said, “I was so touched by the charm and grace of this extraordinary woman who truly defines what it means to be an icon. She’s a legend of fashion, yes, but her influence reached so far beyond those realms, challenging the status quo and empowering women to embrace their freedom of spirit, intellect, sensuality, friendships and individuality, all with a lightness of touch and humour”