Saint Laurent Ss13 Press Day There Was Water


There was water. Mini bottles of Saint Laurent water. And am at this moment deeply regretting taking only the one bottle with me when I could have easily tipped the whole tray into my bag to then use as a bribe to get people to do things for me. Sadly that will never happen so on to the clothes. Black. Floor length and sheer. If I were Stevie Nicks I would straight head for the black and white zig zag floor length fur with chain mail trim and try to discreetly stuff it up my jumper so that it would be mine. Only mine. On another note, I am particularly liking the geometric gold cuffs and the fact that they look fabulous even when worn on a clammy arm like mine. And the bags. This chic and minimal black number is a particular favourite.

by Natalie Dembinska