Friday 4th August

| BY Finn Blythe

Stance: Late At Tate Explores Fashion And Style


This one’s well up our street. Stance is the next instalment in the Late at Tate series, and will explore the reclamation of cultural identity through fashion and style. I mean, we could not have asked for a better theme had we’d picked it ourselves, fashion and style – that’s our daily bread, our meat and drink, our bodily sustenance. Stylist Ibrahim Kamara, better known to his Tumblr disciples as ‘The Sensitive Thug’, is once more teaming up with South African photographer Kristin-Lee Moolman, following their 2026 hit show at Somerset House last year, which played on a vision of what future black masculinity might look like. It was bloody good.

Also joining the fun are young designers Bethany Williams and Jenna Young, with the former hosting a drop in weaving workshop at the event. You might remember Williams’ from her fantastic Tesco-sponsored ‘Breadline’ collection, composed entirely of recycled materials that sought to draw attention to what she called Britains “hidden hunger crisis”. Jenna Young on the other hand, is the immense talent behind ‘This Is The Uniform’, and together with Williams will be presenting a live response to the fashion and style of people from the Tate’s 16th century portraits. What does this involve? How will it work? We have no idea, but we’re heading to the Tate tomorrow to find out. See you there.