Friday 10th June

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Stefano Tonchi: Editor-in-chief, W Magazine

I don’t even know where to start with Stefano Tonchi, one of the most handsome, most stylish men in the fashion industry. And one of the nicest – this season in Paris I actually heard him thank Jessica Stam for doing a story for T Magazine. Who does that? What a gentleman.

Since it would be monotonous for me to wax poetical on Tonchi, I’m going to do something that can be pretty dangerous nowadays. I’m going to look online to see what other people think about Stefano. (Don’t try this at home, guys; it can totally crush your self-esteem.) For Stefano I will go specifically to The Sartorialist’s website (, which often posts pics of the dapper Times employee, and see what others thought of some of the dandy’s looks.

The first thing I find are two pictures of Tonchi in different double-breasted suits. An anonymous commenter says: “Stefano carries it with panache; I like the coat – as a matter of fact, my dilemma of a double-breasted coat in that length is solved.” Not just a pretty face and a smart editor, Tonchi emerges also as a “How to” guide for guys. But that’s not all; on the same page, a poster by the name of “ricci” says: “He is so handsome. Looks gorgeous in his coat. Looks clean and yummy,” which sounds like what another poster said: “Ever gorgeous looking. I love this man.” But specifically, a poster named “fashion gal” pinpoints it: “He has that Clark Kent look.” Who wants to tell this fashion gal that Tonchi is from Italy?

 In a different post, Tonchi is wearing a black leather Dior Homme jacket with a polka-dot cravat, which inspired a poster named “brando” to say: “Tonchi just looks soo cool in that leather bomber jacket and the slicked-back black hair. I hope I age that way.” An anonymous poster offered something more brief: “Two words: Sex. Appeal.” 

Perhaps the most complimentary responses on The Sartorialist’s website came when he wore a cropped suit with a bow tie and loafers to an Yves Saint Laurent show. Someone using the screen name “cut of cloth” tried to sum up Tonchi’s style in a non-rhyming, spoken-word poem…

A strong look

Academic aristo charm

Hooded eyes deep in thought

Next moment just a breath away


Eyes scan

Well-thumbed notes 

In pocket

Crumpled ideas ready

For print


A moment away

Why doesn’t anyone write me poems online? All I read when I Google myself is that I’m a chubby, star-fucking, fake male socialite. Hell, Stefano can even cruise for romance on this site. One woman (or is it a man?) posted the following message after looking at a picture of Tonchi in a smart single-breasted, two-button suit with and oversized tasselled scarf: “Every time you post a photo of this guy, I rather wish I were married to him.” She should meet the poster “alice olive”, who said that this particular picture was a “Very sweet shot – makes me want to bundle him up and take him home. Love the shoes.” And to wrap it all up, none other than Glenn O’Brien (or someone posing as him) wrote on the same page that: “Stefano is the most dignified dresser on the planet next to Prince Charles, whom he resembles slightly.” We couldn’t agree more. About the dignified-dresser part.

by Derek Blasberg