Ten Loves: Danny Sangra’s Burberry Doodles

There was a time and a place where the act of doodling was considered the mark of a mischief-maker. That time was, for us at least, many moons ago, and that place was called school – the formative years of any young doodler, cutting one’s teeth on the back of your text book, or, if you were very, very naughty, on the table. Or walls! Now, we wouldn’t want to falsely accuse British illustrator and filmmaker Danny Sangra of such delinquency, but judging by the high standard of his doodles for Burberry’s reversible tote bag, we’d say he’s had plenty of practice. Sangra’s involvement with Burberry began earlier this year with his series of Instagram works titled ‘Now Then’, comprising of vintage Burberry images doodled over by the upcoming artist (they’re very good). But, starting tomorrow, Danny will be taking over the Burberry Regent Street flagship for two days, transforming the interior and its windows with his drawings, all in celebration of the wonderful doodle tote bag, seen in all its glory above. As well as a photobooth allowing customers to Sangra-fy their own portraits, limited edition versions of existing Doodle tote bags will available for purchase. The best bit? Danny himself will be in-store, manning his very own ‘artist station’, where he will be live doodling on Burberry’s new totes. No pressure!

Danny Sangra will be taking over Burberry’s flagship store on Regent Street W1B, from 8th to the 9th of December