Thursday 13th September

| BY Dino Bonacic

Ten Loves: Master & Dynamic MW07 Wireless Earphones


Let me tell you one thing about the Ten Towers – it can get quiet loud up in here. Between all the news coming in and a plethora of exciting goss (which you can read all about via the Ten Rumours feature in both Ten and Ten Men), the decibels coming from our Soho HQ can be quite up there with an Arctic Monkeys concert. You know, the early ones. So, what’s the natural instinct? Put on a pair of headphones, right? Well, there’s a couple of issue with that. Firstly, it would make you look like a douche, and secondly (and more importantly) – you’d miss out on all the gossip! The perfect solution is a bit more chic, and a lot more hi-tech than your average pair of headphones. Coming from the workshop of the sound geniuses at True Master & Dynamic, it’s the just-released MW07 wireless earphones.

These lil’ bugs are the ultimate pair of handsfree tech – they look like part of James Bond’s tech kit provided by Q. They are also noise-cancelling so, once you’ve got both of them on, the loud sounds of the Underground will be instantly covered up by Girls Aloud’s Sound of the Underground. Finally (and most importantly for me), you can just wear one of them and not miss out on any fun moments that happened to that editor at that Cruise show. And that, my friends, is my problem sorted. But shhh, don’t tell anyone I’m wearing it in the office – this can be our very little, very technologically advanced secret.