Friday 14th March

| BY 10Magazine

Tgif Playlist 01 10 Women New Old Weve Not


We’ve not had a playlist in a while. Thought maybe you were tiring of all that Cher? We never tire of Cher of course, but as you might be missing our little dose of something to get you in the mood for the weekend (we’ve since been administering via lip curlingly alcholic bevvies concocted in the office), we’re roping in some mates to help broaden our horizons. This week the tasks befallen independently run record label Kaya Kaya, that’s headed by East London hotties Cherish Kaya and Katy Patridge (check out the giggly portrait on their site). The girls got together in the summer of 2012, as a side project to their respective day jobs in the biz, and have since spent many a late night bathing in the glow of their laptops, supporting the likes of rapper Rejjie Snow, who’s Irish American drawl has us hooked. No Rejjie in this list (YouTube him babes) as the focus here, explain the ladies is ‘10 Women- seeing as seeing as we’re girls ourselves ;)! Including 5 old that we love, and five new- that we dig’. Listen to the playlist here.