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The Cfda Awards Most Fabulous In Black Theres A


There’s a most fabulous in colour coming soon, but for now let me present the most fabulous in black at last nights CFDA awards. And there’s a special mention for Jemima Kirke, whose picture I had no room for as the picture grid only lets me out up 10 pictures, but you can see her sheer black creation and wild hair standing next to Pamela Love in the winners post. Anyway, onto the ladies in black. The top four I will go out on a limb and say are all dressed in Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci. Apart from Jessica Chastain, who in the various slide shows has been credited to Givenchy, and is looking fabulous, all the others haven’t yet been assigned their designer but I can guess on the following basis. Tabitha Simmons outfit looks like Givenchy, so it must be Givenchy, I doubt she’s wearing a knock off, and the lady looks gorge. Marina Abramovic always wears Givenchy, and the favelas top did make an appearance in the mens pre fall collection, and I’m particularly kicking the lace sleeve tucked into tight leather glove. As for Kembra, well I can’t really imagine her wearing anything other then Givenchy, and I’m really enjoying the restraint she’s exercised in the hair and make up department. Let’s call it Kembra does minimal and chaste. It’s rare that you see a picture of her so covered up. Moving onto Linda who is in Oscar de la Renta and looks like she owns the CFDA which is always a good look. Grace looks like she just doesn’t give a damn which is what makes her fabulous and why I love her. Because she has the balls not to spend hours dolling herself up and pouring herself into some fashionable contraption which cuts of circulation and makes breathing very difficult. Rooney Mara in Calvin Klein Collection looks chic and minimal as usual, and you cannot have a fashion award round up and not mention the Olsen’s, both of whom I’m assuming are wearing The Row. Well Elizabeth is. Mary Kate is probably wearing something vintage, something along the lines of Fortuny because she just can and so does. Linda Fargo is bringing the sexy back and vamping it up in something long and cut out whereas Kate Mara is giving us sweetness in Dolce & Gabbana. All 10 ladies look fabulous in black. 

by Natalie Dembinska