Monday 15th October

| BY Dino Bonacic

The Fashion Awards 2018 Will Be Celebrating The Next Generation of Creative Talent

Chu Wong by Leslie Zhang for Nylon Korea

Awards and fashion. The two love each other and so do we. Put them together and you get The Fashion Awards, the extravaganza of talent that’s entering its third decade this year. Taking place on December 10th at 8pm at the Royal Albert Hall in London, the 2018 edition of the ultimate fash ceremony will represent of the year behind us, crowning all those that did exceedingly well and pushing the rest to do even better next year. Who doesn’t love some positive reinforcement? We sure do. And if we didn’t have win in Model of The Year category (yet), our chances of winning might just gone up a tiny bit. New Wave: Creatives is the latest category to join The Fashion Awards list for this year.

Celebrating the young creative from all around the world, this new element to the award will be recognising 100 of the most innovative and inspiring talents coming from different parts of the industry. Image-makers, set designers, creative directors hair and make-up artists, stylists, digital influencers and models. All of those titles are part of the New Wave, as voted by the 2000 members of the international fashion community. In celebration of the launch, British Fashion Council announced the first 20 honorees with an event today in Shanghai, where BFC Chief Exec Caroline Rush announced those who made the list. The first twenty include models Chu Wong, Jiali Zhao and Jing Wen, as well as photographer Luo Yang, digital influencer Tao Liang aka Mr Bags, and more. The rest of the New Wave: Creatives for 2018 will be announced in the weeks to come via special satellite events in London and New York. Our campaigning for next year starts tomorrow.

The first 20 New Wave: Creatives honorees of The Fashion Awards 2018 in partnership with Swarovski are:

Anny Fan (digital influencer)
Chu Wong (model)
Fan Qiong (stylist)
Fan Zhang (hair stylist)
Fil Xiaobai (stylist)
Jiali Zhao (model)
Jin Jia Ji (photographer)
Jing Wen (model)
Jumbo Tsui (photographer)
Leslie Zhang (photographer)
Liang Hengyi (photographer)
Luo Yang (photographer)
Mia Kong (stylist)
Tao Liang, Mr Bags (digital influencer)
Ting Chen (model)
Wen Zhi (hair stylist)
Xin Miao (makeup artist)
Yu Cong (photographer/art director)
Zeng Wu (photographer)
Ziqian Wang (photographer)

The Fashion Awards will take place on December 10th at 8pm GMT.