Tuesday 11th October

| BY Will Johns

The Perfect Ten: Tanqueray No. Ten x Perfumer’s Story

If you didn’t know already (if not, why not?) we are teaming up with creators of luxury gin, Tanqueray No. TEN, on an extra-special project entitled The Perfect Ten. Yep, not only because we are avid fans of the alcoholic beverage (and we consider ourselves a 10/10, obv), but mainly because the project is all about passion. We are also very passionate, don’t you know. As are the eight amazing brands, craftsmen and designers, one international photographer, Maria Ziegelbock, and Tanqueray No. TEN, we selected that, when combined, make The Perfect Ten. They are all people doing the things that they love and all the wonderful things that are made when that happens.

So who is next on our Perfect Ten list? This time it’s the turn of The Perfumer’s Story, who have teamed up with Tanqueray No. Ten and the Savoy’s Beaufort Bar on a special selection of cocktails launched during London Cocktail Week. And like any reputable journalist would, we did our research, which just so happened to consist of swanning down to the Savoy of a Thursday morning to sit at the Beaufort bar and sip on barman Kyle Wilkinson’s astonishingly delicious creations inspired by perfumes concocted by fragrance extraordinaire Azzi Glasser. Each drink was made with Azzi’s favourite scents in mind – ‘Mr. Vetivert’, ‘Old Books’, and ‘Fever 54’. “You’ll love this one!” she exclaimed with genuine passion. And we did, drifting into a state of ecstasy with each inhale, which was amplified by a sip of the matching cocktail – a rousing experience like no other. Just a sip, though, we’re professionals don’t you know. What a treat. And we got to go back to the office smelling damn fine. “You’ll have them chasing you down the street!” Azzi told us. And we did. All of them. You might find it hard to believe that this is the kind of fabulous adventure us fashion folk get up to on your average weekday, but sadly for you, it is. Take a look for yourself – we filmed it for your pleasure.