Wednesday 31st August

| BY 10 Magazine

The Perfect Ten: Tanqueray No. TEN x Rebel Rebel


If you didn’t know already (if not, why not?) we are teaming up with creators of luxury gin, Tanqueray No. TEN, on an extra-special project entitled The Perfect Ten. Yep, not only because we are avid fans of the alcoholic beverage (and we consider ourselves a 10/10, obv), but mainly because the project is all about passion. We are also very passionate, don’t you know. As are the eight amazing brands, craftsmen and designers, one international photographer, Maria Ziegelbock, and Tanqueray No. TEN, we selected that, when combined, make The Perfect Ten. They are all people doing the things that they love and all the wonderful things that are made when that happens.

So who is the second of The Perfect Ten? This time it’s the turn of cult florist Rebel Rebel, begun by Athena Duncan and Mairead Curtin, a pair of ladies who are terribly skilled when it comes to a cut flower. Inspired by the first magnolias of the season, they are always on the prowl for the freshest, most seasonal flowers they can find. And to demonstrate just how good they are, they’ve teamed up with restaurant aqua kyoto and Tanqueray No. TEN to create not just a nice bunch but a whole bloody garden – the “Hanging Gardens of Kyoto Terrace”, an arrangement on the roof terrace with hanging blossoms, orchids and grasses inspired by the country of Japan. And, as befitting a collaboration with Tanqueray No.TEN there will are also be a couple of spesh cocktails on the menu at the Regent Street restaurant served with both a dash of the gin and an exotic Japanese name. We are told that one of which is “reminiscent of fresh-cut grass”, another provides a “fruity option”. Oo-er. If you need us we’ll be at the bar.