Wednesday 20th May

| BY 10Magazine

For How To Wear Anya Hindmarch Stickers

Stickers: not just for kids. For adults, too, thanks to Anya Hindmarch’s Sticker Shop. We like stickers here at Ten HQ. Particularly Dominic. He received a pack of One Direction stickers from Garth for Christmas. He promptly stuck Zayn to his jumper and the rest, unceremoniously, in the bin. But Anya stickers are better than 1D stickers. Better even, than one bearing the chiselled features of Zayn Malik. These embossed leather stickers come in all nsorts of shapes. From that of a cloud to that of a fried egg, a plaster and a smiley face. There are letters, hand signs and a (rather risqué) speech bubble that says, “Slip it to me!” How racy! We have no idea what the “it” is that it refers to, but nonetheless, how racy! You could stick these stickers to your bag (an Anya Hindmarch one, preferably). If you were Dominic, you could stick it to the leather choker you wear to work. Or, if you had one, you could stick it to your kinky leather bodysuit, the kind you might see worn in Kaos nightclub in London’s Angel. I like the idea of walking down the street wearing a kinky leather bodysuit decorated with Anya stickers. I would have two fried eggs over my nipples, naturally; a pointing finger on my sternum, pointing to my face (to tell the guys to stop staring at my fried eggs – I’m up here, boys!); and letters spelling out my name – you know, for a personal touch. If you had a kinky leather bodysuit, how would you decorate it with Anya stickers? Would you have two fried eggs over your nipples, too? Or would you have a smiley face over your pink taco? Perhaps you would be political and have a slogan like “Free Palestine” across your chest. Or perhaps you would opt for whatever pseudo-political hashtag is trending on Twitter that day: #CrimingWhileWhite. Maybe you would spell out your favourite song lyric (My anaconda don’t!). Or maybe you would opt for an inspirational quote, the kind Cara Delevingne would post on Instagram: “Stop hating yourself for everything that you aren’t. Start loving yourself for everything that you are.” Take a moment to let the profundity of that statement sink in. Now spell it out with Anya stickers across your back. Or maybe, you would spell out “Fuck yeah, Anya Hindmarch!” because, like us, you love Anya and want the world to know and got to let it show. Perfect for the social-media generation whose first language is emoji. Go to Anya’s Sticker Shop. Go stuck yourself.

By Ted Stansfield