Topshop: The New Supers Campaign

Forget Naomi, Linda et al (I know, blasphemous!) there’s a new supermodel gang in town – introducing Topshop’s The New Supers campaign, starring a new generation of genetically blessed model faces. Kind of like in Topshop were they to recreate George Michael’s Freedom video in 2015 – in still life and in a stairwell, yes, but with just as many pretty superhuman beings. So who are these new supers, who stand taller and more beautiful than us mere mortals? Well – there’s Imaan Hammam, Bella Hadid, Aneta Pajak, Sophia Ahrens, Grace Hartzel, Malaika Firth, Ella Richards and Marga Esquive. Weep that you will never be one of them. And then pull yourself together. Because just because you can’t be them, doesn’t mean you can’t dress like them – they are wearing Topshop’s festive collection, after all. “I wore this awesome faux fur coat and really cute heels,” said Bella Hadid. That awesome fur coat and those really cute heels could be yours, too! Oh, the magic of Christmas. Kate Phelan, Creative Director, says “We have cast a stellar line up to mark the start of the festive season, bringing together a group of girls we love. They’re stylish, socially engaged and fun; they are Topshop.”

Photographer: Giampaolo Sgura

Hair: Anthony Turner

Make up: Val Garland