Wednesday 30th April

| BY 10Magazine

Vera Wang The Collection Remember That Mtv Show


Remember that MTV show I Want a Famous Face, which only lasted a season because teenagers having surgery to look like Jessica Simpson or Ricky Martin is a bit too real, even for reality TV? Well, think of Vera Wang’s pre-fall collection as the non-reality-television, non-surgical, clothing-based alternative to that. Because why take on somebody else’s identity via surgery when it can be achieved much less painfully with fashion? Personally I have always been mildly obsessed with Vera and have always aspired to live my life in a more Vera way. What would Vera do is a question I always ask when in a perplexing situation. For example, when I wake and think about the day ahead – the challenges I will face and how to dress for them – I ask myself, “What would Vera wear?” The answer is black and long. She would wear, for example, Look 15, the strappy silk number, with something furry or leathery thrown over the top, and maybe a jewel, and would look so stylish and pulled together that just her appearance would strike fear into people’s souls. The pre-fall collection is more personal than the wedding gowns, which are personal, but more so to the bride than Vera. The pre-fall is based on Wang’s personal closet. Which is why, on behalf of all aspiring Jennifer Jason Leighs the world over, I would like to say thank you, Vera. It’s much easier buying clothes to imitate your obsession than stealing them from their closet. There are shades of black in long layers, with masculine over-layers and furry accents. There’s even a sporty streak running through this, a reference to her ice-skater days. Did you know that Wang was once an ice-skater? That she took part in the US Figure Skating Championships of 1968? And that she also designed the skating outfit worn by silver medallist Nancy Kerrigan at the 1994 Winter Olympics? If you were, like me, properly obsessed you would know. You would also know that her favourite Bruce Lee film is Enter the Dragon and that she was born in the year of the ox, which means that she’s hard-working and persistent, and can stick at a task longer and go at it harder than anybody. I like to feel that she and I share the trait of going at something harder than anyone, for I have been going at my obsession harder than anyone I know. It’s just another example off how Wang and I are each other’s spirit animal. Oxes hold up their high standards as a model and severely judge those who don’t aspire to maintain these same ideals. I, too, like to severely judge people, especially when dressed in black Vera Wang. It lends my judgements a certain gravitas. 

By Natalie Dembinska