Tuesday 9th October

| BY Dino Bonacic

Vivienne’s Creatives Are The Conceptual Artists Making Tomorrow A Better Place

‘Kissing Booth’ by Emma Breschi

Always the one to give a platform to those looking for one, Dame Viv has a long history of supporting young talent. And she’s not stopping now. Launched yesterday via Westwood’s digital channels, the latest project to shine a light on the next generation is Vivienne’s Creatives. A group of six young conceptual artists who also happen to be part of the activist-designer’s Army of Freedom Fighters (and the campaign faces for AW18) have created six individual multimedia projects paying homage to the value the legendary designer stands for.

It all started with Emma Breschi’s The Kissing Booth, a series of imagery celebrating the beauty and power of a simple human kiss in the politically dystopian world we live in. Because, love trumps all. Each day until October 14th, each of the artists will get a chance to release their work through the brand’s global platform. There’s Jesus Diaz with his surrealistic take on punk and psychedelia, Orla Carolin’s urge to “Buy less, choose well, make it last,” and the rest of the Vivienne’s Creatives: Josh Quinton, Johan Zoo and Joe Sweeney. The pinnacle moment of Vivienne’s Creatives will happen this Thursday, October 11th, when both of the Westwood’s Conduit Street boutiques turn into their own mini version of an art fair, celebrating the people behind the work as well as the positive messages they are sending into the world. Digital or physical, these are the people making tomorrow a better place than today. Or so we can hope. Stay tuned into @viviennewestwood to discover each of the artworks as they come out.