Wednesday 5th July

| BY Finn Blythe

We Spoke To Gary Card About His New Zine, Happy Breakfast


Do you remember Nu-Rave? Of course you do. You’re still having flashbacks to buying red skinny jeans in the women’s section of H&M and dragging yourself through Camden market, ready to buy literally anything fluorescent for under a tenner. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times etc. Well, Gary Card, the artiste behind some of the most memorable set designs in fashiondom, including that posse of pink critters from Charles Jeffrey’s runway show last month, has created his own zine, ‘Happy Breakfast’, and it feels like an ode to that bygone era, circa 2006.

These vibrantly coloured faces, which look as though they may have been born from the mother of bad acid trips, are in fact, a patchwork of Gary’s work from the past decade, “They’ve come from everywhere really, from the deepest recesses of my cartoon brain, to whatever I found lying around in my studio. The joy of this project was going through my archive finding small abandoned projects and giving them a home here.” And, despite having always wanted to publish his own work, the upcoming magazine arose more through coincidence than anything else, “I started making these images for a small Japanese magazine a couple of months ago, they wanted some unpublished work from me so I started playing with these collages using old bits of my work. the more I did, the more I became obsessed with creating them. Before long I had way too much for the magazine and my friend suggested we turn it into a zine.” Serendipity, you might say.


Gary is no stranger to bright colours either, his bright pink set design for Charles Jeffrey’s SS18 show is testament to that. For him, colour is somewhat of an antidote to the bleakness of the times, “The starting point for LOVERBOY was joy and celebration, I think we’ve spent a lot of time recently in a very joyless place, so both LOVERBOY and Happy Breakfast are about embracing optimism, huge vibrant clashing colours is the most natural expression of that positivity”. Hear, hear. And, whilst he has already begun working on a second volume of the zine, it’s not the only thing you can look forward to from Mr. Card, “I’ve been working on my first official sculpture project for almost two years now. I can’t say too much yet but it’s a big one”.

Happy Breakfast is available to order online here

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