Thursday 21st April

| BY Jack Moss

What She Said Talk: Mary Katrantzou and Diane Von Furstenberg

W HOTEL_WSS Speaker Series_Diane Von Furstenberg_Mary Katrantsou_Calgary...

We favour our champagne with a side of intellectual conversation because as you know, Natalie and I are ladies of high class and breeding. And last night, that’s what we were treated to, thanks to our attendance of the What She Said talk at the W Hotel in Leicester Square, where fabulous ladies Mary Katrantzou and Diane Von Furstenberg enjoyed an intimate conversation in front of Natalie and I. And a few others. We were treated to much talk about business, apparel and how to be altogether fabulous and inspiring, alongside Diane’s revelation that Anne Hathaway was conceived in a wrap dress. Who knew? Of the evening, Mary K said, “I’m very honoured to be a part of this conversation with Diane, a strong and inspiring female designer who has an incredible ability to inspire young professionals, including myself, to pursue their dreams. It is important that we keep striving to inspire one another to do better, young people today are the leaders of tomorrow and we have the responsibility of guiding each other.” In the audience too were a selection of CFDA Incubator designers (Diane is president) who then showed a look from their collection in what we would describe as “milieu” afterwards. With more champagne. So much talent that we could practically feel it in our lungs. Di and Mary, we salute you. Girl power. /