Wednesday 21st March

| BY Finn Blythe

With The Help Of Gucci, Dapper Dan Has Made A Triumphant Return To Harlem

Just over twenty five years have passed since Dapper Dan closed the doors of his famed Harlem boutique in 1992. Having dressed countless stars of a newly commercialised hip-hop scene, young African Americans who were previously overlooked by the world of luxury, the store was an anachronism, championing the logo laiden fusion of street style with couture long before it reached the state of ubiquity we see today. Now, after starring as the face of Gucci’s tailoring campaign last year, his presence in Harlem has returned. A new appointment-only studio atelier, opened with the help of Gucci, not only pays homage to the couturier’s original store, but sets out a contemporary interpretation of his work for a new generation. The three-storey building on Lennox Street is an extension of Dapper Dan’s original vision. An opulent space full of velvet, chesterfield sofas and ornate ceilings that offers customers a range of Gucci designed fabrics, prints and embroidered patches, many of which are exclusive to Dan’s store. Archive photographs of his clients taken from the store’s halcyon days line the walls, a testament to the heritage of his vision and the strong sense of place that has always been central to Dan’s Harlem bound identity. More than that though, the space is a hugely exciting example of one of fashion’s leading brands listening to the world around them, supporting individual enterprise and celebrating those who have idolised their work.