Friday 23rd June

| BY Finn Blythe

Your Very First Look At Camper’s Pre-Collection, Photographed By Pierre Ange-Carlotti

Enjoy this preview of the latest footwear fashions from Camper, who have released the following as something of an appetite whetter for their upcoming AW17 CamperLab collection. Two styles – Rex for boys, Thelma for girls – available now in Camper stores as a kind of mini pre-collection. Allow us to introduce you…

First – Rex. Of the Tyrannosaurus type. Big, scaly things with little arms. Could we call this men’s shoe a homage to said beast’s dentition? Yes, because we read it in the press release. But the likeness is pretty obvious too – never really felt the need to describe the sole of a shoe as “toothy”, but seems appropriate here. What says manliness more than likening a shoe to a large carnivorous dinosaur? Veeery masc. And practical too. Akin to a sort of cyber-age hiking boot. Look at that grip! Other usages, dependent on how wielded, could involve use as a weapon. Strictly self-defense, obv.


Rex’s female counterpart is Thelma. Like the one from Scooby Doo. Who might actually wear these. They are a bit like a school shoe, here toughened up with a nice weighty sole. Sort of unapproachable, in the best possible way.

The images themselves come from the brill photographer Pierre-Ange Carlotti, whose work can also be found within the pages of the latest issue of 10 (plug: on newsstands now). Always something a bit naughty about his work – no exception here. Pictures seem to be taking place in some sort of kinky red room, involving scantily clad figures in nowt but a sheet, knickers and a pair of Campers. I mean, that’s how we’ll be wearing ours…