Tuesday 6th February

| BY Finn Blythe

Y/Project Release Their Summer 2018 Campaign


Lots going on in this latest campaign from Y/Project, the sort of campaign where, taken separately, each image seems to carry its own mood and emotion that distinguishes it from the rest, but together, you realise this isn’t about a singular, contingent narrative, it’s a snapshot of something altogether more abstract and unquantifiable. Which is all a very roundabout way of saying we’re not entirely sure what this latest Y/Project campaign is specifically about, but we think that’s OK, because our gut tells us it has something to do with individual moments and the individuals who create them.

And, just as with those who wear their clothes, there is no easily distinguished tribe of Y/Project devotee, no overarching banner or theme that links them all together either, so why should the campaign be any different? As Creative Director Glenn Martens made clear in a chat with Ten, “Y/Project is all about individuality and diversity. Both the catwalk and our campaigns are celebrating this ideology… We take any reference we like regardless of era or subculture. It’s a very emotional process. There’s no rule, it just happens, we do what we want and try to find some balance in between the extremes. Our collection plan therefore flirts with streetwear, sportswear, couture, tailoring, corsettery… We don’t don’t want people to hide behind a logo, a lot of our garments are therefore versatile in wearability. We invite our costumer to make a choice, you have to play with our pieces, you have to find your own personal way to own the garment.”

Shot by Arnaud Lajeunie and styled by Ursine Gysi, the images reflect that same mantra, namely, that the Y/Project buyer is defined by difference and what sets them apart, the clothing is little more than a blank canvas that each wearer is encouraged to make their own and impress their individuality upon. We think it’s very clever, and beautifully illustrated by the below Y/Project staff picture, which in light of Glenn’s words, feels like the nerve centre of the Y/Project ethos of individuality.