Wednesday 16th January

| BY Dino Bonacic

Zilver Launch E-Commerce Platform With Andreja Pejic As Ambassador

zilver andreja pejic

Amid the madness of London Fashion Week last September, the calm, clear vision shined through the woods of dresses and shoes. Off-schedule, and totally out of the regular fashion circuit, designer Pedro Lourenço launched Zilver. Quietly and confidently, it was presented to the world as a new generation sustainable ready-to-wear brand that approaches design from a very thought-out angle, both in its visual representation as well as its physical production. Now, just four months later, Zilver is becoming a retail reality, with their e-commerce platform launching along with a small capsule collection and an In Conversation video series, starring the brand ambassador and model/ actress Andreja Pejic.

“’I don’t want to be a servant to clothes, I think clothes should serve the human being. I think they should empower the human being and allow you to be more free,” Pejic reveals to the camera in her monologue, revealing her story of being a transgendered woman and utilising the power of clothes to her benefit. Both aesthetically and with her personal journey, she embodies Zilver as a brand.  A dedication to transparency, with suppliers and textiles, as well as the positive outlook on society. The capsule collection that’s supporting the e-tail launch of the brand stands for luxury genderless wardrobe essentials, made not only beautiful but also in a beautiful, society-friendly way. And the best part is – the website offers the customer direct access to information on the background of the pieces. Zilver might have cracked the way we all should shop in 2019 – or we can hope so.