Tuesday 22nd September

| BY 10 Magazine

Giles: Ready-to-wear SS16

It would seem that Victorian nightwear is having a bit of a moment. To be honest though, there’s something about the simplicity of it. The cleanliness of the lines that always reminds of that story, a story which upon Googling it to remind myself of it’s name I may have possibly made up. The tragic tale of the widow who jumped to her death from the top of her house when her live died at sea and then spent the rest of eternity haunting that gangplank that protruded form the window. Or something like that. There’s something about the way the cotton billows out from the tightly pin tucked wind that just works for a tragic love story. The cotton at Giles billowed too. Printed with images of bronze cuts before morphing into an essay in decadent evening wear. Rich satin, strapless gowns embroidered or printed in almost taps try like florals, reminiscent of those worn by a 1920’s debutante. The kind that wore a night shirt. Is there really a more natural progression for a collection that nightshirt, evening gown, back to night shirt again. It appeals to the vampire in all of us. Who doesn’t want to sleep all day and only come out at night?

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans