Tuesday 20th March

| BY Roxy Lola

Fenty Beauty Celebrate Make Up For Men

fentynewWhen Rihanna filled in all the gaps with a 40 shade range foundation for Fenty Beauty she became our unofficial champion of diversity in the beauty world. It’s 2018, inclusivity is a must. So it seems only natural that all the boys are in on it too. Instagram meme-loving personality ‘BlameItOnKway’ is officially the newest addition to the Fenty Beauty squad. In the fun Instagram ad, he is working out with all those Mattemoiselle shades on and a whole load of colourful wigs. Fenty Beauty fantasy world. It comes after Twitter erupted with excitement when it was revealed that Get Out actor Daniel Kaluuya wore Fenty Beauty foundation on the Oscars red carpet. Yes, it seems people are realising that men are officially wearing makeup, a little more loud and proud. We are obvs all for it, men in our world are always working it. It’s confirmed, Fenty Beauty can be used by anyone, anywhere of any gender. No discrimination happening here. Rihanna always knows and does best. Watch BlameItOnKway’s video below.