Friday 1st June

| BY Joel Traptow


UK summers mean rain and sometimes lots of it. This week has been incredibly bad. In fact there’s just been a lot of ‘weather’ overall- storms/ hail/ flash floods, we got it all going on. Soggy trainers are never fun when you are sat in an office all the live long day. It had me so depressed I may or may not have gone and had a lil tan bed session which I’m not even going to feel guilty about, because after that Gucci cruise show its quite obvious that the over tanned look may be coming back in fashion, but like all trends moderation is key. Regardless of all that, it’s Friday and a bit grey, but the weekend calls for sun and fun so we’ve put together a little playlist that will get you through your wet friday and into the hot weekend. If you would like to see me roasting my body I will most likely be laid out in some park in East London like a rotisserie chicken. Sun cream highly recommended.


Hilary Duff- Come Clean 

George Michael, Elton John – Don’t let the sun go down on me

Rihanna Ft Nicki Minaj -Raining men

Cher- Stormy Weather

The Weather Girls -It’s Raining Men

Lykke Li- Hard Rain

The Kinks – Sunny Afternoon

Bonny M- Sunny

Bill Withers- Lovely Day

Natasha Bedingfield- Pocketful of Sunshine