Tuesday 28th November

| BY Finn Blythe

The Road To The Runway: The Final Countdown

We’re having a little difficulty straddling what feels like two alternate time dimensions: we know the Victoria’s Secret show has happened – we’ve seen the pics, we’ve had the lowdown from Sophia, BUT WE STILL HAVEN’T SEEN IT! It’s been difficult. So let’s just pretend it’s still happening in real time because the show is finally airing tonight on CBS at 10/9c in America-land, or, alternatively for us Brits, a little longer – December 4th on 4Music. But here’s another look behind-the-scenes as the team officially touch down in Shanghai. The show’s days away. It’s all hands on deck. Yes, we know we said that in the last episode, but this time we really mean it – final production meetings, hair and make-up tests, model rehearsals – the final bits of magic that make the show the biggest fashion show on planet earth. Watch the film above.