Versace Launch Their Fairground Themed Valentine’s Day Campaign

My most recent, and probably my last, visit to a fairground came to a messy, acrimonious end. Details shall be spared, but suffice to say it involved some smuggled cinnamon schnapps (asking for it, I know) and a ride named ‘INSANIA’ that spun me into a different dimension and resulted in my limp body being half escorted, half carried, to the perimeter fence by appalled security staff. Don’t drink and ride kids, and if you do, stick to the dodgems. Luckily the beautiful people in the Versace Valentine’s campaign are all able to hold their liquor, and here the two V’s come together in blissful union. Developed around Versace’s vintage pink and blue tees, Luca Finotti’s campaign film tells a tale of young love, as starry-eyed Valentines couples descend upon the sights and sounds of a fairground for a date en masse. It’s all about the love.