Monday 31st October

| BY Dominic Cadogan

Victoria’s Secret 2016 Fittings: What Are You Wearing?

What are you wearing? In the wrong context that could sound totally wrong, but that wasn’t my intention I promise! Well if a jury ever asks anyway. I’m talking lewks darling. On our darling Victoria’s Secret girls. They’ve come in for fittings for the looming VS 2016 Fashion Show and they weren’t expecting for us to pounce on them (innocent again) and ask them what they were wearing. As VS girls though there are no sloppy tracksuits with breakfast down them, or crocs even. They’re chic and ready to go. Even we can’t hate that, we have to admire. So here are some of our favourites: Bella Hadid, Barbara Fialho, Irina Shayk and Daniela Braga. Plus a couple more. We are generous like that. And stay tuned – we’ll be posting more tomorrow…