Wednesday 30th August

| BY Joel Traptow

Watch Chanel’s Newest Fragrance Film, Starring Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is no newbie when it comes to lending her face to the house of Chanel, having starred in numerous campaigns as well as serving as a bit of a muse to Monsieur Lagerfeld himself. So, naturally, when it came to the ad for Chanel’s latest whiff, Gabrielle, a homage to the house’s founder Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel (verdict: we’ve smelt it, it’s good) Ms Stewart was the natural choice to serve face, and body, for the campaign.

Wearing nowt but some chiffon strips (potential weekend look?) Kristen goes through a bit of a rebirth moment, bursting forth from a cocoon like the beautiful butterfly she is. No actual butterflies here though, rather, our heroine runs towards what looks a bit like a wall of fireworks. Fire and chiffon? Bit of a health hazard we say. Not so for the superhuman Ms Stewart, who makes it out, smashing through a wall of bottles in the process. Well done her. The whole thing is, according to Chanel, designed to evoke the power and strength of femininity.

Final note: the film is set to the sounds of Beyoncé. Essentially my dream, running nude while Queen B plays loudly. Spritz yourself in Gabrielle is from September 1st.