Wednesday 10th January

| BY Finn Blythe

Watch: Fendi’s SS18 Menswear Film, Exclusive To 10

Screenshot 2018-01-10 13.37.54

Feast your eyes on the below film. It’s the Fendi’s Spring 2018 menswear campaign and exclusive to 10, as well as a real life representation of the day-to-day daydreamings of several members of this office, namely, arriving bare-foot at work, dislodging grains of sand from one’s keyboard, and answering the phone with sunglasses on – all of which sound fairly unappealing by themselves, but throw in a beach on a sunny Italian coast and we’re putty in your hands. That is the life of our Fendi business man, who compensates for his lack of years with an abundance of panache and a certain Fendi flamboyance. When he’s not actually asleep on his desk, or perching his feet on top of it, he’s closing deals on his Amstrad, hangin’ by the pool and treating himself to a refreshing H2O beverage from the water cooler. He’s an international business man who never stands still, dealing with each problem as it comes with a level of swagger afforded to him by his Fendi garb. We salute you, sir.