Saturday 19th August

| BY Finn Blythe

Watch: Gucci Release Their Bloom Campaign Film

Allow us to wrestle your gaze away from this floral reverie, courtesy of Gucci, for just one moment. If you can. If you can’t, we totally understand and bid you happy watching, but we thought it might interest you to know, that a recent Harvard study has claimed that living in a household brimming with vegetation not only decreases mortality rates, but also improves your mental health. Not sure how that applies to sufferers of hay fever though. I’ve long been deliberating an office desk cactus, and this latest serving from Gucci is the prompt I’ve needed, just think how many extra years I could have saved had I known sooner…

Anyway, this is about Alessandro Michele’s first ever frag for the house, “a bouquet of abundance”, to quote the man himself, and one that he hopes will allow the wearer “to travel to a place that is not there”. We assume not via any naughty hallucinogenics but more so, via the enchanting whiff of Tuberose, Jasmine bud extract and Rangoon Creeper, all harvested from the plains of southern India and all constituents of this heavenly concoction. We’re can’t wait for our first sniff.

Gucci Bloom is available to purchase from