Monday 22nd August

| BY Jack Moss

“We Are The Flowers” An Exclusive Film For 10 Magazine

We are the flowers is a line from the Sex Pistols song God Save The Queen. It is also the name of this film, taken alongside our story “Alibi” photographed by the legendary Derek Ridgers in Issue 57 on 10 Magazine. Derek shot the punk movement back in the day. The Sex Pistols were punks. The people in this film are punks. Cor, we love a theme. But anyway, this film, made exclusively for 10 by Sam Hiscox, is bloody great. Shot at our favourite haunt in Dalston, Alibi we just hope there won’t be a red rope stopping us from entering after this.


A film by Sam Hiscox
Camera: Harry Wheeler and Milo Belgrove

Photographer: Derek Ridgers
Fashion Editor: Tara St Hill
Hair: Gary Gill For Wella Professionals Using Eimi

Make-Up: Lucy Bridge At Streeters Using Mac

Starring: Billie Turnbull At Select, Isobella Bowering At The Squad, Suzi Leenaars At Rebel Management, Jender Anomie, Jack Appleyard, Bianca Batson, Maxine Beiny, Hatty Carman, Eva Cornelisse, Cora Delaney, Ryan Driscoll, Robyn Fitzsimons, Richard Jaewe, James Main, Becky Moore, 
Ike Owofemi, Dylan Proudfoot, Joe Skilton, Poppy Tibbetts, Liz Tinytears (Harris) and Clayton Douglas Verdoorn
Fashion Assistants: Juli Molnar, Natalia Farnaus and Dominic Cadogan
Casting: Christopher Landais

Production: Sarah Appelhans At Unravel Productions
Shot At: Alibi, Kingsland Road

Thanks To: Deano Jo, Louie Jenkins, Jake Gill and Breuer Dawson Archive