Wednesday 16th December

| BY Jack Moss

10 Loves: Saint Laurent’s College Monogram


Papa’s got a brand new bag. Well, I wish. But, Christmas is just around the corner (a mere eight days, can you believe?!) – so I am sending my last minute wishes to the festive Gods to stuff Saint’s Laurent’s new College Monogram into the darkest recesses of my stocking. For what says Yuletide more than fancy, expensive bag? That’s what Christmas is all about, no? We’re awfully good at the act of receiving.  Apparently, the College Monogram adds a new “look and feel” to Saint Laurent’s classic Monogram bag – “softer and slouchier,” it’s designed for “authentic day use.” Which sounds very useful. As too does the claim that it “checks off all purse requirements.” Like, what more could you want? Literally. Now, they tell us that it can be worn in two ways (over the shoulder or merely just carried in the hand) but we’re sure there’s probably more. So get creative. I’m sending out my wish into the fashion ether as we speak…

Classic medium College Monogram bag in black matelassé leather: £1,390.00