Tuesday 12th September

| BY Jack Moss

3.1 Phillip Lim: Ready-to-Wear SS18

This had something of the flamenco dancer to it.  And for once we’re not just picking an obscure reference from the dark recesses of our mind, Lim actually told us so after the show. 90s minimalism was the other he offered. Strange bedfellows? Yes, but no matter, it worked. Which meant there were ruffles, that sat across the chests of shirts, or along the hem of handkerchief cut skirts and dresses.

It all felt like a bit of a palette cleanser, Phillip Lim going back to basics. Which meant nicely cut wide-leg pants, boxy-shouldered tailoring, asymmetric-cut tank tops – the sort of stuff that you could see, and do see, New York women wearing. It was all brought together with a simple colour palette – a cool palette of white and blue, dashes of orange and mustard. It all felt like Lim was pushing reset. And it looked good. 


Photographs by Jason Lloyd Evans