Monday 13th November

| BY Jack Moss

A Closer Look At Repossi’s Antifer Collection


More fine finger, neck, wrist and ear adornments courtesy of brilliant jewellers, Repossi. Or toe, if you were after a very glamorous foot. Not that, we should note, a toe ring is endorsed by either Repossi or us. No, a toe ring is not chic. But Repossi IS chic. Impossibly so. So chic, in fact, that their designs could be construed as really rather threatening to us normal folk, were it not for their irresistible forms – Gaia Repossi taking all the luxury of fine jewellery – namely diamonds, gold and other such precious materials, but forging them into simple, modern and architectural designs.

And as of today, she’s evolving. Well, her signature Antifer collection is – the iconic “peak” shape, first inspired by the cliffs of Normandy, here tweaked and subverted into a brand new collection of rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings. Shapes are played with – like the “Off-width”, which features the classic Antifer shape here in a wider row of gold or pave diamonds, whilst the “Colorblock” riffs on the original design but here in juxtaposing rose and white gold. We could go on – but it’s probably best for you to see for yourself via the accompanying images, photographed by artist Jeremy Everett – then, take yourself either to Repossi’s online store or Dover Street Market London and buy. Who can say no to diamonds?

Photograph by Jeremy Everett