Thursday 8th September

| BY Roxy Lola

Akris: Ready-to-wear SS17

Albert Kriemler of Akris is a quiet cultural powerhouse. Last season he took us on a journey to deepest Africa, this time he’s taking us to Cuba. Havana, baby. We do love a Cuban theme. The starting point was a painting by Cuban-American minimalist Carmen Herrera, titled Blanco y Verde. Spanish for white and green FYI. (Aside: Herrera is also 101 years old, which we think is quite an achievement.) A painting made up of what appears to be a flattened verde (green) triangle. So simple, yet for Kriemler, a fashion minimalist, it resonated and became the essence of the Akris SS17 collection. And once the show began, it all made sense. Kriemler’s fine craftsmanship and tiny Swiss details. Geometric fluidity. A slice of colour on a lapel. Tiny cut out, flowing pleats and great colours. And, in 32 degree heat in New York City, this was the dream wardrobe. Almost felt like we were in Cuba. Futuristic Cuba. Kriemler does love a good trip. We love going on it with him. Where to next?

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans