Monday 12th February

| BY Roxy Lola

Brandon Maxwell: Ready-to-Wear AW18

We’ve been reading Tina Brown’s compelling diary and think that if Brandon Maxwell had been doing his thing during that time he would have had all those socialites and New Yorkers queueing up to wear his brand of stealthy wealthy glamour. He somehow manages to make the idea of dressing for dinner and a cocktail party sing. And so began his Autumn/ Winter 2018 show, purple smoke rising from the floor and Miguel’s Pineapple Skies filled the room.

Bell Hadid opened, floating on fluffy slides, with a belted soft evening coat dress. The 2018 look for the it girl boarding her private plane to the East Hamptons. Maxwell is good at defining the sculpted Uptown/Hollywood body, and so there were super slinky asymmetric looks, wrapping and curving round that body of work. Knits were snug luxe, dressing it down, and like his last show, denim jeans infused a bit of post ‘Joanne’ Gaga. Love a double denim tease. If he needed intimacy for his last show, this one was all about exposure, being bold, and owning it.

The space was big enough to park the plane, and for his models to saunter up staircases and of course, good ol’ Hadid bookended with Gigi Hadid closing the show, twirling in a fairytale princess tulle skirt with a knitted hoodie. Best of both worlds. The women lined up side by side to show off the versatility in the collection, so many possibilities for the Brandon Maxwell woman. He’s subtly evolving but the discerning muse will always stay the same.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd Evans