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Calvin Klein Collection Easy Does It

Want easy hair? Breezy hair? Carefree hair? Hair that’s young and swept off your face? Just pulled back in a ponytail as though you’ve done nothing with it at all? As though you’re about to wash your face but actually you’re not? Well, now you can have it. The easy, breezy hair you’ve always dreamed of, thanks to easy, breezy Calvin Klein Collection. Simply cast yourself in their pre-fall show, take up your seat in front of one of those large mirrors backstage and watch the transformation take place. There’s nothing to it, really. And while you’re there, why not take care of your skin? A youthful glow can be achieved in seconds when placed in the right hands – and the hands at Calvin are the best. It’s like being touched by an angel but better, as an angel would only touch you, whereas this not only feels like a spring shower of 1,000 angels but also makes you glow as though lit from within. Some might call that youth, but I would respond, “Have you seen the youth of today? Hung around outside a school at lunchtime? This is not youth. This is easy, breezy, beautiful Calvin Klein Collection. Hair like silk and skin like satin. And with a little gumption and a flight to New York, now it can be you.”


By Natalie Dembinska