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Christian Dior Couture Ss15 Backstage Girls

What do you get when you cross Christian Dior and Raf Simons – the techniques of Dior’s ateliers and Simons’ creative and highly contemporary aesthetic? Well, this season, you get Ziggy Stardust. David Bowie’s alter ego not only provided the soundtrack for yesterday’s couture show, but provided the inspiration too. This was Christian Dior injected with a high dose of Bowie-esque 70s psychedelia. This was the 50s codes of colour blended, as Sophia said, with the experimentation of the 60s and the liberalism of the 70s. This was Dior glamour turned glam rock. Models carried this vision through a sea of scaffolding and pink carpet: catsuits – sequinned and striped or bearing bold graphic prints; skirts, also striped and very voluminous, almost like traditional Mexican dresses, falling from tight bustiers; PVC thigh-high (and quite fetishistic) boots with Perspex heels. Hair, courtesy of Guido Palau, was brushed back into buns from which ponytails were hung by Perspex rings. A definitely Dior and completely contemporary take on haute couture. We are, as ever, disciples of Dior.

Photographer: Jason Lloyd-Evans


By Ted Stansfield