Wednesday 15th March

| BY Jack Moss

Christopher Kane To Release Beauty and the Beast Capsule Collection

Unfortunately, or so we’ve been told, it’s not acceptable to go about day-to-day business in a large yellow ball-gown the size of a small European principality. Apparently, it’s “a little too much” and such “bold outfit choices” “may harm the reputation of the magazine.” Which begs the question: how best to indulge Beauty and the Beast-based fantasies? Don’t know about you, but I’ve always harboured a strong desire to be thrown about a ballroom by a hefty beast whilst being serenaded by a Celine Dion-singing teapot. Luckily, Christopher Kane has served up a slightly more subtle way to indulge with a special capsule collection (and all without having to resort to that ghastly blue pinafore dress Belle wears, which would do nothing at all for our feminine curves) via a special capsule collection made in collab with Disney to coincide with the film’s remake that arrives in cinemas this March. “I have loved Disney since my childhood and all of the classics, of which Beauty and the Beast is one,” Mr Kane said. “It is such a great theme and story, with very iconic characters and a strong female voice. Looking back at past seasons, our archive was rich with elements that support Beauty and the Beast themes, and we were very much inspired by the film’s setting and mood” Which means touches of gold and blue (described in the release as “fairy blue” – our colour!), a rose motif that runs throughout, printed on t-shirts and dresses, some Swiss lace and a bucket full of crystals. Because what else says princess than a hefty amount of shine? The collection will be available from the 16th March (aka tomorrow) in Kane’s Mount Street shop, their e-store, as well as various worldwide stockists, including Selfridges. Click through above to see the collection…