Tuesday 4th October

| BY 10 Magazine

Delfina Delettrez Shows Her SS17 Collection In Paris

Natalie says that this reminds her of droplets of morning drew upon the petal of a crocus. Which would, for once, be a fairly apt description for Delfina Delettrez’s SS17 collection, which we previewed at Paris Fashion Week yesterday. As the press notes read, “splish splash, molecules of H2O are extracted from hidden veins in the earth for a Piercing string of teardrop paraiba or bubbles of twinkling tourmaline amesthyst and peridot”. Safe to say, there is a water-theme here. As if placing these delicious jewels upon your body would give you this look of somebody misted with droplets of fresh spring water. Except if that spring water was not water at all, but expensive metals and even more expensive gems. As always, Delfina’s hand is deft – this was a collection of lightness and beauty, curving bracelets and necklaces, embedded with pearls, morganites or aquamarines. And Delfina celebrated the collection in the way that things should be celebrated – with drinks, and a smattering of beautiful fashion sorts.