Wednesday 25th July

| BY Roxy Lola

Gucci Releases Campaign Featuring Faye Dunaway And Soko

Our (unknown until now) dreams of a Hollywood movie where everyone wears all Gucci and only Gucci have come true. The film lasts for one minute and 30 seconds but we’re okay with that because it stars Faye Dunaway and Soko. Gucci always make our dreams come true. Shot by Petra Collins, Dunaway and Soko play mother and daughter as they live their best life in Hollywood, but it’s all about Sylvie. The handbag. Duh! And girl looks good. Sleek, chic, shiny. Dunaway lives the good life, as her chauffeur drives her around Hollywood in a limousine, signing headshots, shopping on Rodeo Drive, hanging out by the pool, playing boujee tennis… all with her Sylvie bag and Soko. It’s a bag made for fabulousness. Soko is obvs totally jealous of Sylvie and lusts over having such a handbag. Same. In the final scene of the film, Dunaway, in a golden turban and oversized tinted sunglasses presents Soko with her own Sylvie. Like a genie. Happy days in Hollywood. Forget love, we’re materialistic here and all you need is a Gucci bag.