Thursday 12th March

| BY 10Magazine

Louis Vuitton Paris Fashion Week Aw15

Fur coats, chain belts, leg-of-mutton sleeves, leather skirts, leather pants, ribbed ripped knits and kitten, not killer, heels – Louis Vuitton was very 80s and very, according to Natalie, “Brigitte Nielsen during her days as Jackie Salone’s daughter-in-law. Brigitte never took plastic surgery advice from Jackie which is why her face is on her face.” The leather skirts and pants, particularly with the chain belts and buckles and zips across the front, reminded me of Peter Marino. It’s as if Peter Marino had a hot young niece who took inspiration, and even a fine leather good or two, from her uncle’s wardrobe. There were a sheeny shiny metallicism to the collection too – not just in the sparkling knits and shimmering duchesse satins – but in the aluminium and copper mini trunks too which were engraved with the models’ initials. These reminded me, and presumably anyone else who went to an English prep school, of tuck boxes. Ultimately, these elements coalesced into a stellar collection – one that will be styled, shot, referenced, imitated and, of course, bought in vast quantity.

Photographer: Jason Lloyd-Evans

By Ted Stansfield