Monday 20th February

| BY Jack Moss

Margaret Howell Show Their AW17 Men’s And Womenswear At LFW

Dominic liked the look with the corduroy at Margaret Howell’s AW17 show this morning. It was a two-set – jacket, slightly wide and boxy on the shoulders, the trousers cropped at the ankle. And, talking of the ankle, could we say it was having a bit of a moment of its own here? The trouser hems rose just above it, or occasionally, high above it, meaning it was revealed in glimpses. Sometimes in a nicely coloured sock. Can the ankle, once again, be considered an erogenous zone? Maggie is always very good at the tomboy thing, and here her lady came in tailoring and a tie – a boxy collarless jacket and sort of carrot shaped trousers, worn with trainers. And this play on masculine tailoring was suitable here because this marked the brand’s very first co-ed show, meaning that Howell’s boys and girls walking together in perfect harmony. Which makes total sense. These two practically share a wardrobe. Elsewhere, it was another delivering of the reassuringly beautiful clothes that Margaret delivers season after season. There’s something to be said for knowing what works and sticking to it. A lovely white shirt, half tucked into a navy trousers, aprons tied loosely around the back, a nice orange jumper that rose up the neck. Plenty of nice knitwear, actually. We’d wear it all.