Wednesday 8th February

| BY Jack Moss

Narciso Rodriguez: Ready-to-wear AW17

Narciso Rodriguez serves it up season after season. It’s not that you know what to expect, per se, but you do know that it’s always going to be sleek, effortless and make you feel as if your own clothes are disgusting rags that should be thrown into nearest incinerator immediately. This time, could it be said that the Narciso lady was feeling a bit sexy? Or, to put it another way, feeling herself? Because yes, simplicity can be sexy. Sexy doesn’t need to mean frouf, lace, a pair of pneumatic breasts and/or latex. Instead, here, that sexiness came through in the slashed open chests, or the peek-a-boo sheer chiffons, revealing the underwear beneath. Some touches of leather. Billowing silk boudoir dresses. And the best bit? This was a two-way situation. A two-way runway. Narciso coming at you from all directions? Yes please.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans