Monday 11th September

| BY Jack Moss

Opening Ceremony: Ready-to-Wear SS18

A sort of fashion show-cum-interpretative dance piece, directed by Spike Jonze and held in the renowned La Mama Experimental Theatre Club on the Lower East Side, revealed Opening Ceremony’s SS18 collection this evening. Ooh la la. All very Carol Lim and Humberto Leon – a little obscure, and very cool. Called “Changers,” and attracting an artsy crowd, from Collier Schorr to Edward Norton, it starred Mia Wasikowska (she who played Alice in Wonderland) and charted the course of a relationship, it’s ups and downs, through the medium of dance and clothes, the outfits changed by the actors mid-piece.

It made for a nice way to see the collection – to see the clothes in movement, for one, but it also because it demanded focus, to put down our phones and watch, something Spike told us to do so before the show. And that’s really quite a revolutionary statement in itself – one of many new ways to be dreamt up by Lim and Humberto, at both Opening Ceremony and Kenzo, to show their clothes, and why it all still feels fresh.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd Evans