Tuesday 12th September

| BY Jack Moss

Oscar de la Renta: Ready-to-Wear SS18

It was the airy upper level of New York’s Sotheby’s this afternoon for Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia’s sophomore outing at Oscar de la Renta, a less rarefied space than the elegant salon of Oscar old, talking of the pair’s desire to bring ODR closer to the people. The models even entered via escalators. How terribly modern. They’re just like us! And the clothes were more “street” too. There were jeans, splatters of paint, t-shirts scrawled with logos. Even an anorak.

But fear not, the pair are just giving it all a bit of a remix – there was plenty of Oscar old here too, namely: the logo, it’s signature scrawl dotted across fur jackets and written across patchwork gowns that fell away into sheer tulle. And, talking of tulle, that’s where we ended – gown upon gown that descended into layer upon layer of sugary pink or shades of blue. It’s a new era – and Kim and Garcia are finding their feet.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd Evans