Tuesday 14th February

| BY Jack Moss

Philipp Plein: Ready-to-wear AW17

“Is this real life?” might be a relevant question to ask oneself as they enter-slash-exit a Philipp Plein show. And the answer would be no. This is not real life. This is, instead, the fabulous world of Philipp Plein. A world where, after upping sticks to New York, gave us Madonna herself in the front row and Nas and The Kills as the musical accompaniment. Clothes themselves were an ode to the city (much like lady in the lobby dressed as a spangly Empire State Building) – one part hip-hop dressing – huge puffa jackets in silver or black, emblazoned with Philipp’s name, another part pure unadulterated glamour. Like the gowns – where flames crept up the hem, or the body suits that exposed the girls’ forms beneath. So what else to do at a Plein show but to go with it? And, on that note, where can I get myself a skintight leather trouser with matching corset? Anyone?

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans