Sunday 12th November

| BY Richard Gray

Ten Adores: Ports 1961

Ten Needs Ports 1961

Of the 907 reasons we love this Ports 1961 shirtwaister, here are four. This cotton number is completely unrivalled when it comes to tiptoeing across the day-to-evening wardrobe line. This is mental Sunday-supplement speak for an outfit that any well-dressed lady would *team* with trainers for church on Sunday (also known as going to Ikea for meatballs with gravy and some floating shelves) and then *team* with heels for the pub and/or opera, or probably both. Next, it’s a banging reddy-orange, which is a completely gorge-y colour and gets you noticed. So if you’re single and want to pull a man or woman or somebody who refers to themselves as non-binary, or perhaps you’re married and want to shag the barman, this shirtdress is for you. Then, because it’s got a fin! A flipping cotton fin right down the side – possibly the most modern thing in the world that will have everybody pointing. Because, please remember, the best things in life have fins: Cadillacs, perch and the end frame in the best French films that are usually shot in black and white. Finally, and you may wish to sit down if you’re standing: this dress has got extra sleeves. Extra flipping sleeves that are located next to the actual sleeves. It’s as divine as you could ever want it to be. You see, there is a God – and he designed this dress of power.

Photographer Andrew Nuding
Fashion Editor Joel Traptow
Model Jassira at Next
Oonah Anderson

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