Friday 12th January

| BY Richard Gray

Ten Commandments: The Jimmy Choo Desirée Boots

10CJC“Tough but soft, feminine yet powerful” – these are Jimmy Choo designer Sandra Choi’s words about the new collection, the first bits of which are hitting the best stores now. By tough she’s referring to the statuesque heel and the “hits right at the knee-ness” of these wet-look Desirée boots. It’s difficult to get the pitch of a heel at this height right, says our editor-in-chief and in-house high-heel expert, Sophia Neophitou. She means the balance, of course. Certain *cough* lower-grade shoe designers never manage to understand that a woman’s foot will slip further into a shoe with such a high heel, so it’s essential there is always enough support at the front to avoid that god-awful “fat foot” look. Even the slimmest of tootsies will move forward and crush one’s digits without the proper design. The resulting “toes like a bag of burnt chips” effect isn’t something you’ll find in this office. Consider the Victorian nanny’s boot appeal – that lacing suggests authority and perhaps a naughty side. One last question: can you run for a bus in boots like this? “Eugh!” says the boss. “Why would anyone wearing a beyond-fabulous pair of Jimmy Choo heels be running for a bus? Get a taxi, babes! Or hire a private jet!” Fair enough. Last word goes to the shiny leather – it just looks that bit more, you know, expensive.

Taken from the latest issue of 10, REBEL HEART, on newsstands now…

Collages by Betrayal Junkie