Tuesday 7th November

| BY Joel Traptow

Ten Loves: Alain Mikli’s Resort Collection


The power of sunglasses goes FAR beyond protecting your fragile eyeballs from harmful sun rays or hiding your lack of sleep after a night on the town (though they are, from experience, very useful for both). Sunglasses are also an item that can really assert a certain type of dominance and authority, in the act of putting them on or taking them off at the correct time, or alternatively,  just leaving them on at all times, even inside. Think about it. Police officers, Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld, Kris Jenner. And Alain Mikli makes just the sunglasses for such occasions. We imagine the Mikli woman is the type of woman who would not be able to choose just one pair and would buy the whole lot for herself. Why not? There’s a pair for all occasions in their just-released Resort offering.

The Ayer means business – imagine a powerful corporate maven at a meeting for a client, only removing them to get a closer look at the contract, before then placing them back on her face and saying: “We will need 20% more before even thinking about that.” The Rayce is for our lady when she is kicking back on a holiday soaking up the sun – the multi-coloured frame allowing for easy matching to swimsuit without worrying about the horror of a clash. Leala would be her everyday running errands pair, still flashy but just enough to try and keep a low profile. Or maybe if you are feeling extra fabulous and want to cause a scene, we would suggest the Miss J, inspired by the iconic Grace Jones. Add catsuit and hood for full fantasy.  Now we are stuck sitting at our desk wishing we were half as fabulous as this unnamed completely made-up woman. Luckily, we can just pop on a pair of these Alan Mikli’s and play pretend. Without lifting a finger, of course.

Find the full resort collection at Barneys New York

From top: Leala, Ayer, Miss J, Rayce